Who can be the change? Who are tomorrow’s leaders? Who has less ego and more equality in mind? Who is concerned about our planet and its future? Not only our generation, but even more it’s the next generation. And here we have an opportunity.

So, ‘does our way of educating and teaching actually help young people in being conscious about the essence of life and the potential of every individual? ‘

The answer is clearly no, at least not the way it could be. Our modern school systems are left brained systems where facts and figures are more important than intuition and using and trusting other senses.

So to be bold: education sucks, and we need to change that.

We ask our students: What do you want to become, what is your goal, what is your passion, where do you want to be in five years from now? That is all very well, but also quite selfish or in different words, focused on the individual.
But shouldn’t we ask them: what can you do for others, what can you contribute to the world, what are you curious about, what are you ideals. To change society we have to move from a “my world” to an “our world”. Be conscious of the collective needs instead of mainly the individual ones. So, get rid of your ego……
The education system is organized in such a way that it can be controlled and managed and as such it has the pitfall of becoming rigid.

We believe that there could and should be a shift from mind-focus to heart-focus.

Will I get a job? Will I make enough money? Will I be able to have a good career?
What about: Will I be happy? Will I feel fulfilled? Will I do what I love and love what I do?

To be able to answer these questions, I have to get in touch with my inner self, my core. What do I believe deep down. This requires a different challenge in education. It requires subjects like intuition, mindfulness, matters of the heart, energy of life, nourishment etc.
It requires a shift from ego to shared values. We believe that it is time to reconnect with ourselves and with each other. And you can rest assured: that time is coming. It is important to emphasize that we do not promote to replace our educational system. But we believe that our concept of a conscious academy can be a valuable and necessary addition to the present one.

We need an approach that will challenge young people of today to explore the spiritual side of their lives in a pragmatic and down to earth kind of way. So that our future generation will have a different perspective.

Our vision about a new value based educational system is aimed at experiencing life by actually playing around with it. Being amazed, curious and responsive. Let inner confidence and intellectual insight grow together.

Will you unleash your Crealistenkracht and help us build a new world, starting by being the change you wish to see? Your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground; together we can make it happen!


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